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Custom Kitchen Design
Bathroom Reno

Believe it or not, the planning and designing stage or step of our work is the most important process. This is the part where you will have to pitch in your ideas and every detail that you want included in the design of your new kitchen. At Custom Kitchen Master we encourage our clients to fully participate during planning and design stage

This is a new space we are making and  you can even say that we’re giving your kitchen a rebirth. To help you out, we have qualified interior designers to help you out with expert ideas.

We understand that you have a vision for your kitchen – our interior design crew will just be there to offer consultation and complimentary advice. Part of working with our design team will be to get a first set of drawings of the new kitchen that you want to create.

Our designers will walk you through the entire process and all aspects

of your kitchen will be covered and discussed.

In essence our interior designers will go over the following details with you:

  • Design styles presentation and selection

  • The details of each style you select

  • Floor plan

  • Appliance layout

  • Laying out your cabinets and countertops

  • Additional details

Custom Kitchen Drawing
The Floor Plan

Once you have selected a particular style or design theme, we will help you visualize what your kitchen will look like when everything is finished. Our staff will also help you understand the renovation process.

They will also answer your questions. You see, you may be surprised that there are certain parts of your house that may also be affected in the process – like your plumbing, which may have to be reworked in certain areas other than your kitchen.

You may also be surprised that your flooring, walls, and at times even the ceiling may also need to get demolished. We’ll explain everything to you so that there will be no hidden surprises along the way. If there are any additional bits and pieces of work that need to be done along the way – you know, things like details that were not foreseen in the planning stage, we’ll be happy to explain everything to you.

We’ll go over every detail such as entry ways, wall removal, removing and/or affixing new windows, and maybe the inclusion of an open kitchen concept (if you are open to that design style). We’ll go over every detail before any contracts get signed.

We’ll also go over the legal details with you like permits that need to be obtained so that we can commence with the work that needs to be done on your kitchen. Part of the creation of the floor plan includes making noticeable adjustments to your kitchen such as creating more space for your cabinetry.

Custom Kitchen Plan
Cabinets and Appliances

The next step after the floor plan is to lay out where to position the cabinets and appliances. There is no second guessing the placement of your kitchen cabinets/appliances. Again, we’ll need your help with this one. We need to know your family’s specific needs so we know where to optimally place every cabinet and every appliance. You may have seen modular appliances on TV and maybe some fancy cabinets as well.

You can suggest those, but we’ll have to look into that and see if it will work for you and your personal needs. Remember that what’s fancy in the magazines and on TV may not be functional or even practical given your unique needs.


Cabinet door color and style

Again, every detail will be discussed with you, and that includes the style and color of the cabinets. The choice of cabinetry will actually depend on your selected countertop material and floor. We’ll help you mix and match these details. Note that this part of your kitchen has the longest lead time and it may take our carpenters up to four weeks to get it all worked out to your liking.


Other Design Details

As stated earlier, we’ll work with you all the way especially during this very important phase. Remember that we’re just planning things. No work has been done yet. We’ll determine if a particular layout, appliance, or piece of cabinetry will suit your needs. If it functions well for you then it will go into the design. If not, we’ll give you better alternatives.

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