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Final Kitchen Paint

We’ll be using several coats of paint. Again, the choice of paint is yours with a few design tips and advice from our designers of course. Trim work and the final touches on the cabinetry will be completed before the final coat is applied.

​Completing the Ventilation, Plumbing, and Electrical

The last stage of the entire process is the completion of the plumbing, electrical, and also the ventilation. This part of the work will require mostly the electricians and one or two plumbers since they will install the last pieces to complete your kitchen.

All the appliances and cabinets will now be in place. They will have to affix your lighting, switches, plugs, and other electrical fixtures. The plumbers will also install taps, dishwashers, and also the sinks. Everything needs to be spick and span and there should be no loose wiring or leaks.

At this stage all the work has been done. Your new kitchen should be ready for the final presentation (it will be presented to you of course). However, our quality inspectors and project managers need to inspect the work before any unveiling can be done.

They will make sure that all the items that were installed are up to par with today’s standards and also according to your expectations of course. When everything is ready and up to speed, we’ll turn the new kitchen over to you. It’s now time for you to enjoy your newly custom renovated kitchen.

Final Inspection

Kustom Kitchen Final Touch
We will make sure that the customization you want for your kitchen will be functional, beautiful, and ergonomic
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